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20 Activities To Do with Your Family This Weekend

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Last Updated: Oct 25, 2016

The family is always the top most priority for everyone and a weekend with all your dear ones in the family is the best one can think of. There are many reasons why one should go for a family activity but togetherness, happiness, and relaxation are the prime reasons. As a family person, you can opt for many activities that bring the values and togetherness of the family. Here are 20 such activities that you can opt for this weekend.

1. Rock and Art

All you need to grab is a tablecloth and some colorful rocks. You can decorate the rock with colorful papers, shapes and even paint. However, before adding the design put a coat of glue and does the same after the design. Once finished, you will have plenty rocks with colorful design. This would not only be a happy time for the kids but would also help them to be more creative and innovative.

2. Fire Stations

Fire Stations

Do you have a fire station near about your place? Well, visit with your family especially when you have pre-school kids. The joy of meeting the real life firefighters and playing with the toy trucks should be evident in their eyes. This would be a great educational trip as well for your kids.

3. Make Sunflowers

You can make sunflowers easily with the Styrofoam balls. You need to cut the balls into the half, now use the sticky glue on both rounded side of the ball and place sunflower seeds that you have to collect prior to the activity. You can cut out the yellow tissue papers and make petals out of these. Stick these on the flat side. Your Sunflower is almost ready and now all you have to do is to cut a yellow paper and cover the back side of it. This can be a great activity for the kids considering the high level of creativity and activeness.

4. Catch the Live Action

Catch the Live Action

Just go for some live sporting actions with your family and enjoy the togetherness. The Local Baseball Match, Soccer, Football, Swimming and anything that possibly could interest you and your family should be a great activity. This should help you to reduce the long mental fatigue and enjoy healthy time with the family.

5. Four Squares

This can be a very interesting activity with regards to matching family togetherness. You need four players and four squares. You can try this on your driveway and put numbers like “1,2,3,4”. A big rubber ball would do the job for you and one has to dribble the ball on the respective square and bat it to another with an open hand. The other should do the same, who misses goes to another square and the process continues. You can even introduce points to make it more interesting.

6. Flag Capturing

You need to divide into two teams and cut small colorful papers into flags. Now make two distinct courts in your backyard and put flags on the court line. One member of the team needs to go and pick the flag of the opponent team in order to stay alive in the game. The team that picks all the flags wins.

7. Lunch


Go for a lunch with your family and make the most of your time together. Ensure that you are going for the favorite cuisine of your kids to enthrall them.

8. Volunteering

You can always participate for a greater cause of the society along with your kids. All you have to do is to participate in the plantation or similar campaign. You can guide your kids and that would help them to understand the value of the environment.

9. The mysterious sky

You can buy a star charter and help your kids to look at the open sky with full of stars. Fresh Air and the mysterious sky will help to develop the logical mind of your kids.

10. Garden Labyrinth

Garden Labyrinth

Your backyard can be made more beautiful with your family activity. Simply outline the path with beautiful colored stones, twigs, and grasses and make the most of the time.

11. Treasure Hunt

This can be really interesting especially for the kids. You can hide some items in your garden and prepare a map and clues that lead to these items. You would love to see your kids putting the maximum effort to find these out.

12. Magic Show

Some magic tricks in front of the family can make things very interesting. You can even teach your kid some of them and then help them to present the same.

13. Cooking

Kids love eating and preparing dishes like baked cakes, pizzas, and others. So, just start doing the same this weekend.

14. Kick the Can

Kick the can and count to 100 and then “Ready, or here I come” as one of the members starts searching for others hiding in the garden or park.

15. Dress up Box

The dress up box can be really interesting and can be made with the rejected clothes that are there in your closet. Give your kids all the things and they would pick what they want for their box.

16. Learn new things

Take your family out and let your kid learn something new like horse riding and other activities. That would be full of fun.

17. Family Chess Game

Family Chess Game

There is no harm to turn off the TV this weekend and play chess with your kids. This does only help you to engage with your family but also sharpens the brain of your kids.

18. Painting

Do some painting with your kids and guide them to make beautiful ones. This would not only help you to build togetherness but also harness your kid for creativity and enhance the power of imagination.

19. Framing

Frame the beautiful painting and the artifacts made by your kid. You can use the Cardboards to frame the beautiful work and memories.

20. Documentary

You kids need the time to see something interesting and equally beneficial. Go for some classic documentaries and teach your kids about the history, botany, geology, universe and much more.

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There is no limit to imagination and creativity, you can always come up with something else that excite your kids and strengthens the bond of your family.

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