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7 Secrets for Happy Family Memories

Every loving parent wants to create lasting memories that their children will gladly remember once they’re all grown up. Some parents may even spend loads of money on expensive outings and vacations only to learn that their kids really enjoyed the most are simple get-togethers and at-home activities. As Dr. Michele Borba, author of Parents Do Make a Difference, explains it – it’s the simple things we do every day that our kids remember the most. This notion was even scientifically-confirmed to be true through a great number of studies on the topic of family bonding. In case you were wondering how you can create happy memories for your children, here are just a couple of bits of advice.

1. Eat Together

A study published in the journal Pediatrics found that children from families that frequently ate together were less likely to be overweight. However, a family’s eating habits won’t just show on a child’s physical health, but on their emotional well-being as well. Making your family dinner time a daily ritual is one way you can encourage your kids to open up about what is going on in their lives and this will help you bond as a family. If you find that your schedule is too tight to squeeze in family dinners every single day, then eating together on weekends can help.

2. Take Your Kids With You


If you need to run errands frequently, then including your kids whenever possible gives you yet another opportunity to bond as a family. Including your kids into your daily obligations will also give you the chance to teach them about responsibility and how things truly are in life. After all, psychologists have long ago noticed that children learn by example and what better way to show them the ways of the world than taking them along with you when the chances are right.

3. Enjoy Each Other’s Company

A study published in the World Leisure Journal found that family practices which left the strongest emotional imprint on a child are activities inside the home. The study’s researchers explain that this is because if you take your kids to new and exciting places, their brains will be focused on processing all this new information and little energy is left for family bonding. That’s why enjoying each other’s company at home with simple everyday activities such as baking together, playing, and watching TV together can create more happy family memories than highly stressful trips to exotic places.

4. Get The Family Involved In Charity

Michele Borba, Ed.D. suggests making a commitment to help one favorite charity as a family. Not only are you doing something beneficial for the wider community, but you are also creating a very important memory for your children and teaching them about goodness in the world. Make sure that your kids understand the importance of helping those in need and that they find these charity activities fun and enjoyable.

5. Celebrate The Good Times


Birthday and religious celebrations are something that almost every family today celebrates regularly, but when you really think about it– these celebrations when done year after year look rather repetitive. Instead, what you could do is celebrate less “important” events such as when your child gets a good grade or when they do something good. These special celebrations will stand out in the child’s memory as something unique and special for them and no one else.

6. Go Outside

According to a great number of studies, there’s ample evidence that outdoor family recreation helps in strengthening family ties and creating family values. Outdoor activities create a situation where family members need to rely on each other and where teamwork is necessary to survive the day. Spending time outdoors such as camping and picnics also helps remove distractions that can disrupt family bonding such as television and the internet.

7. Play Games

Play Games

Board games, chess, card games, or any other old-fashioned game is another way you can create happy family memories for your kids. Unlike online games, which tend to be rather distracting, these games create an opportunity to tell jokes, learn about each other’s characters, and, of course, create special memories about our unique family. To learn more about how to play with the kids, make sure to look for online resources of family and parenting advice such as Glozine and similar online magazines.

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The secret to happy family memories is, of course, loving relationships. One way loving relationships are created are through shared activities. Making sure your family spends ample time doing things together is a sure way your kids will think fondly of their childhood once they become adults themselves. Spending time together is at the very core of every healthy family and one way you can encourage togetherness in your own family is by including every member in daily activities. So, forget about those expensive and stressful trips, and make your home environment a place where happy memories are created.

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