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Tips on How to Introduce Your Child to The Internet Correctly

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Last Updated: Sep 26, 2016

Nowadays people can’t imagine their life without internet and electronic technologies, because they’ve already become an indispensable part of a modern world. At first glance, internet is a wonderful and infinite source of knowledge and useful developmental information. But if we look at it the other way, we’ll find out that internet is full of hazards, because it includes negative information as well. As a parent, you should realize that sooner or later you kid will gain access to the World Wide Web and face its dangers. You should do your best to introduce the younger generation to the internet, teach them internet etiquette and explain how to behave in one situation or another, because you’re a mentor and a role model for your children.

1. You Should Do it Step by Step

Although, modern kids are growing and developing faster today, it doesn’t mean that their level of knowledge and development is high enough to understand the aim, role and essence of the internet at once. Don’t wait until the kid starts making attempts to get acquainted with the internet independently. Blurred vision of virtual reality can lead them up the garden and get them into trouble one day. When your children see you surfing the internet, you should find time to explain them what you’re doing and for what purposes. But it’s crucially important to do it in an accessible and child-friendly language.

2. Warn Them of all Possible Dangers

Before you give your children an access to the internet, you should explain them that not all users of the World Wide Web are good personalities. From time to time, these people upload or send negative and harmful information to humiliate and deceive other people. You should teach them to keep a critical eye on the internet content and catch the difference between good and bad things. Small kids should know that it’s necessary to ask you for help or advice, if they suddenly face an internet danger. When they get older, you’ll teach them to use search engines, in order to verify the truth and accuracy of the information published on various websites.

Build Trust Between You and Your Child

3. Build Trust Between You and Your Child

It will be incredibly difficult for children to discuss their first experience of using the internet, share secrets, ask for advice and answer your questions with complete honesty, if there’s no trust and respect in a parent-child relationship. Keep in mind that your indifference or excessive strictness can discourage your kid from talking about personal stuff. Lack of trust can make your kid shrink into their shell and leave them alone with their problems, thoughts and internet dangers.

4. Teach Them to Take Advantage of The Internet

Security precautions are of the top priority, but it’s wrong to speak only about the dark side of the coin, because it can convey a misleading impression of the internet. Prove your child that internet is a perfect, inspiring and developmental global system that has a lot of advantages as well. Don’t forget to demonstrate in practice how to benefit from using the internet, because it’s better to see or try once than to hear one hundred times.

5. Encourage Your Child To Lead an Active Lifestyle

If you don’t want your children to suffer from internet addiction or diseases of the musculoskeletal system in future, you should explain them that a sedentary lifestyle and regular sitting in front of the computer have a negative effect on human health. They should know that it’s better to spend not more than 2 hours a day using the internet. As a parent, do your best to shift the child’s focus from internet to something else. It’s necessary to foster healthy habits in your kids today.

6. Develop a Sense of Responsibility in Your Kid

Many children mistakenly treat internet like a game. They often don’t realize that their irrational acts or impudent behavior can hurt someone’s feelings, tarnish their reputation and break their family’s confidentiality. Before your child becomes an active user of the internet you should tell them that the use of a world wide web requires responsibility. Teach them to think very carefully every time they post something on the internet, follow unknown links, accepts agreements or comment on the posts of other users.

7. Use Parental Control Software

No matter how high the trust level in a parent-child relationship is, in some cases, children prefer to keep personal and delicate problems with the internet a secret from everyone. If you want to protect your kids from internet hazards and check whether they use the internet correctly, you should install a parental control and security software. You’ll block all websites with sexual material and have an opportunity to monitor your child’s internet activity.

I hope these tips and security measures will help you introduce your kids to the internet, keep them safe and healthy.

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