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How to Maintain Excellent Relationship with Your Siblings?

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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2016

Unfortunately, modern people don’t attach much significance to the problems and quality of their relations with siblings. Millions of brothers and sisters from all over the world for one reason or another put up roadblocks, cut each other out of their lives and go their separate ways due to various misunderstandings, pride and conflicts. They usually don’t accept their shortcomings, but say that mutual aversion and parental mistakes are to blame. If you feel that the relationship with your siblings is going to crack, you shouldn’t run to extremes, but try to do everything possible to resolve everything peacefully and improve the quality of the relationship. Read on the article and you’ll know how to make your sibling relationship long-lasting and prosperous.

1. Get Rid of Rivalry

Rivalry is a wonderful inspiring, developmental and motivational thing. But it can also be dangerous and poisonous, if it takes place in a sibling relationship. At first, kids compete for their parents’ attention, but then envy, egoism and the desire to be the best often give birth to a family inheritance feud. If you feel that the intensity of rivalry in your sibling relationship is high, you should do your best to stop it until it’s too late. In such a case, only humility, forgiveness and heart-to-heart talks with your family will heal the pain and reduce rivalry.

2. Stay Away From a Family Drama

Almost every big family has a member, who draws others into their conflicts and cannot solve even insignificant family issues without drama. If you want to maintain good relations with your siblings, you shouldn’t even attempt to change their nature or do something to reconcile both sides of the conflict, because there’s a high probability that you’ll unintentionally add fuel to the problem, fall out of favor and become an enemy. No matter who’s right and who’s wrong, you’d better try not to take sides in family quarrels. All you can do is give a valuable advice on how to behave in difficult situations, if asked.

Family Drama

3. Build a Relationship of Trust

The most important parts of a healthy and long-lasting relationship with your siblings are trust and openness. Don’t fear to talk things out, discuss personal affairs and tell them if something is wrong. Otherwise, emotional barriers will cause a communication gap, misunderstandings and deep-seated resentment. But first of all you should learn to keep secrets, because it will be difficult to gain the trust of your brothers and sisters, if they get to know that you can’t hold your tongue when necessary.

4. Support Each Other in Word And Deed

From time to time, like many other people, our siblings go through tough times, experience both financial and spiritual crises, because life is a challenging thing. Your brothers and sisters wholeheartedly believe that you’ll always lend your shoulder and give them a valuable advice when they won’t know what to do. If you help them today, they’ll probably get your back and find the right words to inspire you tomorrow. This mutual assistance will certainly improve your relationship and help you feel yourself more secure and confident.

Support Each Other

5. Stay in Touch With Your Dearest and Nearest

Whether we want it or not, but we’re the victims of a fast-paced world. I understand that you’d like to disconnect all means of communication and get away from everybody after a hard working day. But you should always remember that your siblings can get into trouble at any moment. If you turn off your phone and just shrink into your shell, your family members won’t have an opportunity to reach you in case of an accident. You shouldn’t wait until something happens, but try to call your dear siblings regularly. Today there’re a lot of electronic gadgets that can make your distant communication easy and comfortable.

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6. Become Friends

One of the most effective ways to get closer to your brothers and sisters is to make friends with them. There’s an already strong emotional bond between you and your siblings. If it succeeds, then this connection will become a lot stronger. As soon as you become friends, you should stop acting like a parent and giving advice unless asked, even if you’re significantly older. Your attempts to change their lives for the better and keep them out of trouble can spoil everything and build barriers.

Celebrate Important Moments Together

7. Celebrate Important Moments Together

If you haven’t build a strong relationship with your siblings yet, but you’d very much like to do it soon, you should try to see each other at least at important family events. No matter whether the occasion is significant or not, you should find time to meet with your dearest and nearest. For sure, it will be difficult to find things to talk about, but if you behave in a friendly way and make them feel that you love, appreciate and respect them, everything will be fine.

Whatever happens, you should never forget or turn your back on your siblings, because your brothers and sisters are the closest family you’ve in this world.

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