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  • Preschool For Your Kid

    Family & Parenting

    How Do You Decide on a Preschool For Your Kid?

    Soon your tiny tot is going to turn 2 years old and you are already worried about getting him admitted to a top-rated play-school. You both have been browsing on the internet and checking out play-schools in nearby areas... Read More

  • Reduce Your Family Phone Bill

    Family & Parenting

    Ways To Reduce Your Family Phone Bill

    The amount spent on telephone bills by a family can be astronomical especially if there are teenagers in the family with some streaming music 24/7 and some listening to podcats or watching YouTube on their mobile gadgets. It is... Read More

  • World’s Strangest Parenting Customs for Tots

    Family & Parenting

    World’s Strangest Parenting Customs for Tots

    You may have read a lot of books on how to bring up your baby, but international parents from all over the world have their own traditional customs that are quite divergent to what you think are widely accepted.... Read More

  • Divorced Parents

    Family & Parenting

    Divorced Parents’ Children has Higher Risk for Obesity

    If you don’t want your child to become obese, you should love your spouse more. Children who have divorced parents have a higher risk of becoming obese because they find comfort and convenience from junk food, according to new... Read More