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Real Life Struggles of Raising a Teenager

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Last Updated: Feb 21, 2019

The time has finally come around and your cute little child has blossomed into a teenager with opinions, ideas and you better believe it, attitude. It can be a trying experience with many pitfalls, but there’s always a silver lining as well. To help guide them through the years, it’s always important to be there for them. Be the rock that they have had in their life the first 12 plus years and allow them to talk to you. You’ll be rewarded for it.

Keeping the Lines of Communication Open

Your teenager is going to have new situations to face as they age and you, as their parent, should be the ear and wall they need to talk and bounce problems and ideas off of when the time comes. Providing them with an outlet will not only improve and strengthen your relationship with them, it will also give you peace of mind in knowing that when your teen is struggling with a topic they can come to you with their issues.

Giving and Getting Help

Every generation of teens has to face the potential of drug and alcohol temptation at an early age. This is a topic that has parents cringing as the use of illegal narcotics and underage drinking are issues that you may have to deal with. At times with simple guidance you can help your teenager realize the dangers of drugs and alcohol, but sometimes the allure is too much for kids to resist. If you live in Ohio and find that your child is addicted to drugs, there are drug treatment programs in Cincinnati that can help.

Listen Without Judgment

This can be a tricky bit of path to walk on, but listening without judgement will only benefit both you and your child. There’s no doubt that it’ll be difficult at times to hear something troubling coming from your teenager’s mouth. You’ll also have the urge to fit your two cents in, but it’s important to hold back. You don’t want to teach your teen that talking to you is a waste of time. Just take in the information and wait for a cue from them. If they really want your advice, they’ll  ask for it, you just have to be patient. Sometimes there’s simply no advice to give, they just want someone trustworthy to vent to, and that’s okay.

Remember That They Are Their Own Person

One thing to remember is that every person is different and that includes your teenager. Let them explore how they want to approach life and allow them to make mistakes because when it comes down to it, it’s how we all learn. Give them the chance to be the unique person they are and don’t try to mold them into your ideals of what a teenager or adult should be. Be prepared for negative attitude as it’s bound to rear its ugly head. Instead, remain calm and work through the attitude, so you can show your teenager firsthand how to handle situations without overreacting.

With a little communication along the way, you and your teenager can build a bond that lasts for life. The struggle of parenthood is real and raising a teenager comes with its own set of challenges. Just be open to the fact that your kid is growing up and they want to spread their wings. Be their rock when they need it so you can both foster a great and long-lasting relationship, and don’t forget, you were once in their shoes, too.

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