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Simple Parenting Mistakes Can Turn Your Kids into A Spoiled Brat

As a parent, you are bound to make mistakes. No one is perfect and, often times, we tend to overlook simple mistakes or consider these as not having a huge impact on how the child will turn out. However, if these mistakes are repeated on a regular basis, you are highly likely to end up with a spoiled child. This is going to be a demanding child, one that will grow up feeling like he/she is entitled to everything. The good news is that you can easily prevent such a behavior, by watching your own habits and avoiding simple parenting mistakes.

How to Create a Spoiled Brat?

Whether you are aware of this for a fact or not, spoiled children are not born as such but rather created. Parents are often responsible for the behavior of their children, especially when they repeat the same mistake, over and over again. For example, the majority of parents have the tendency to rescue their children, preventing them from experiencing real-life situations. Even though this might like seem like the logical thing to do at that respective moment, in reality, it is a mistake. These children will not grow up to know the consequences of their actions and, more importantly, they will become easily spoiled.

Let us take a hypothetical situation, in order to have a better grasp of the whole concept. Imagine that a child has done something he/she was not supposed to, like wipe his/her dirty hands on his/her clothes. Well, a common approach on behalf of the parent would be to give a warning; the warning often regards what would happen if the behavior in question is repeated. However, children have a reduced attention span and they really respond to the warning. Instead, they respond to immediate feedback, especially when the consequences of their actions are shown to them.

What Is The Best Solution For Such Cases?

What Is The Best Solution For Such Cases?
If you want to have a child who is responsible, you need to avoid giving warning. When he/she has done something wrong, it is for the best to build up the courage and expose your child to the consequences of his/her actions. Children need to see that an action can lead to immediate consequences and they do not need to be rescued; even if you might want to protect them, eventually they will have to go out into the real world. Now, try to imagine how a spoiled brat will handle the consequences of his/her actions an adult. This cannot be a pleasant experience, this I can guarantee.

Each action that we take has consequences, good or bad. Ever since they are little, children learn this for a fact. They will try a certain thing, in order to see what happens. But then parents intervene. The logic behind their actions is to protect their children from the big, bad world; however, the children that are excessively protected, will only grow up spoiled. For example, it is not enough to threaten that you are going to take a toy away; if your child has done something wrong, a warning is not enough. You need to follow through, teaching your child that the taken decisions are to be respected.

Idea behind The Behavior

Idea behind The Behavior
The main idea behind this behavior is related to you maintaining a firm attitude, with regard to the way your child responds to certain situations. It is never a good idea to give a verbal warning and then not follow through on your actions. The child will interpret this as a possible getaway and will definitely repeat the behavior, becoming more and more spoiled with each day that passes. Instead, by letting them know that their actions have consequences, you will help them turn into responsible adults (ready to handle more difficult situations).

Children should be taught to take on responsibility from an early age. This does not mean they should be burdened with tasks that are obviously too difficult for them; on the contrary, you should always opt for tasks that are suited to their age. For example, you can involve them in household chores or promote their independence by letting them try new things on their own. They cannot depend on your forever and, the more time passes, the harder it will be to develop a sense of responsibility. It is for the best to stimulate their independence now and enjoy the rewards later when you will see them acting responsible.

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Final Word

A wise person once said that children do not belong to us, the parents, but rather to their own. As parents, it is our job to ensure that they grow into healthy, responsible adults. It is never a good idea to stifle their personality or rescue them from different situations, in the hope that we will protect them from the cruel world.

Children need to live in the real world and experience the immediate consequences of their actions; this is the only way they will turn into responsible adults, following the same pattern of behavior when they will become parents themselves.


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