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Top 12 Tech Gifts for Kids to Make this Holiday Season Memorable

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Last Updated: Dec 26, 2016

Technological gifts make the day brighter and make you the favorite brother, sister, uncle, aunt or the most awesome parents in the world. With everyone out there this Christmas and New year shopping for the best tech gift, not many are aware of the diverse and different gifts there can be especially for kids. If you are still thinking of what to give your kid this Christmas and New year, here is an array of the newest tech to get as a gift.

1. Kurio Smart watch

As time goes by, wearables have become an essential part of each child’s life. Smartwatches in specific have become the best toys and their functionality is an amazing element that kids enjoy. This Christmas and New year , the Kurio Smart watch is on sale. It has a high-resolution screen, which makes it quite sensitive to the touch. It can be loaded with applications, games and an interactive platform that allows you to communicate to others with the same watch or through an android enabled device.

2. Space Scooter

Space Scooter
The scooter is one of the best inventions that can be substituted for hoverboards. This requires human power to run it and operates in form of gears. The scooter is portable as it can be folded and carried. It is suitable for kids who are eight years and above.

3. Jetson V6 Hoverboards

This is another technology that children are looking forward to getting as a gift this season; the balancing technique required to ride it is something that kids have been practicing all year round. The hoverboard has different settings while using it and can be rest to suit your specifications from advanced to beginner users. It has speakers that are Bluetooth enabled, runs on electrical charge, has LED lights and can be tracked using location trackers. Another cool feature is that it is water and flame resistant.

4. Toymail Talkie

Toymail Talkie
This device allows you to be in contact with other kids constantly, friends or family this season. It includes a communication devices and a doll. It requires the installation of a Toymall app to gain the ability to interact with others

5. Anki Cozmo

This robot provides the kids with the chance to know and play with him this season. Cozmo is said to crave interactions, means of revealing his personality and by interacting, the kid and the robot will have much fun. It has an app that offers the kids information about the robot and allows them to understand each other better.

6. Maze Seedling

Maze Seedling
This device offers the children to design their own maze by seedling and have hours of fun trying to figure it out. It incorporates a virtual reality factors to enable the creation of the maze by the children. Also, it has apps that are complementary that allow the kids to create a reality in a way that they can escape whatever maze they create. In addition, it has other factors like a media storage for photos and other images, different sounds.

7. BOSEbuild Speaker Cube

If your kid is a music fan, here is a perfect tech gift for him. The BOSEbuild speaker cube has to be built from scratch by the child, including the interchangeable covers and the lights. Buying this gift gives your child the ability to design and develop the speaker by following instructions issued through an app.

8. Galaxy ZEGA

Galaxy ZEGA
Is your child one of the battle kids that loves a good fighting game with a customizable battleground? The Galaxy ZEGA is the right tech gift for the kid. It has customizable tanks enabled by an app and can create complex games that the kid has to figure out. It also includes intricate maneuvering skills, strategy development and mix and quest points that only serve to make the game much more interesting. Tanks are meant to last through the rugged battleground and to be durable for all missions assigned.

9. SoundBub

This is a tech gift not only for kids but also for their moms. The device can play music for kids from another device e.g. a mobile. It also comes with white noise and a speaker to record voices.


This singing device utilizes unique technology that allows the kids to listen to music of their own choice. It has LED disco lights and can record and save music in an external device.

11. Scribble ‘N Play

Holiday seasons involve a lot of traveling and the kids need something to keep them busy in the car. The Scribble ‘N Play is the perfect answer and diversion you need to keep them busy all the way. It offers the kids a screen to write on and once the page is full, the push the blade and a blank page appear.

12. VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk

VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk
Children learn better by visual and sounds and this desk makes it interactive. For your young baby yet to go to school, this is the gift for them.
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This season, enjoy all that the technology world has to offer and move with time. Kids are looking forward to having the best of tech gifts this Christmas and New year.

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