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Ways To Reduce Your Family Phone Bill

The amount spent on telephone bills by a family can be astronomical especially if there are teenagers in the family with some streaming music 24/7 and some listening to podcats or watching YouTube on their mobile gadgets.

It is a bit challenging to control teenagers when it comes to entertainment, but there are a few things you can do to check their data consumption.

Choose the right plan


Wires carriers seem to be bent on milking families dry of their hard earned cash. But you can use to figure out the cheaper option between putting your teenagers on a family plan or to let them loose. offers a calculator in which you can plug in the number of lines, type of phone and how you are planning to use them and it will show you the plans to choose from.

Lock the phones

Lock the phones

Even with a good plan, you still need to keep an eye on text, voice minutes and data your kids are using. AT&T and Verizon give you the ability to limit how and when your teenagers use their phones and also to block calls. You only need to $5 a month for this service. You will get alerts when they are nearing or exceeding their monthly data quota. You can also consider buying for them phones with parental control.

Cut them loose


As your kids get older, buy them prepaid phones. This will provide a financial wake up call. With a prepaid phone, I will be upon them to control how they use the phone especially if you give them a fixed amount of money to spend on the phone each month.

Get Wi-Fi at home

Since kids use their phone mostly at home, you can get them phones that use Wi-Fi networks for data and calls and then rolls over to a prepaid plan when network isn’t available. You can pay between $0 and $40 a month for this service. The only problem here is that you will have to pay $150 to $350 upfront for a phone your kid may not be interested in. It won’t be a Galaxy S5 or an iPhone 6.

Get Wi-Fi at home

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