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World’s Strangest Parenting Customs for Tots

You may have read a lot of books on how to bring up your baby, but international parents from all over the world have their own traditional customs that are quite divergent to what you think are widely accepted.

  • Shaking the baby is a tradition in Egypt called Sebooh, which is believed to prepare the baby from the vagaries of life. Not too hard though, nobody wants their infant to get that shaken baby syndrome.Wooden garden sieve.
  • Vietnamese mothers whistle so that their babies can associate the sound with urinating, making their babies wee at the right time and place without the need for nappies.toilet_2076613c
  • In Scandinavia, parents take their infants out even under zero temperatures to take a nap, because they believe it is good for their lungs.mother-pushing-bug_2877332c
  • Dominican moms make sure no wind or sunlight gets to their baby nine days after being born and even continues for a few months.Curtains_2376927c
  • Mongolian moms breastfeed their infants until the age of one year, some even reach up to six years, because they believe it is key to raise a strong wrestler.breastfeeding_2371455c
  • In Denmark, it is a custom for children to hang their dummies on trees as a sign that they have given up that habit. By doing it, legend tells that a fairy will leave them a gift as a sign of gratitude.dummy-baby_2462279c

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