Samsung ignores Galaxy S4 owner after his phone burnt, turns to HTC One

Samsung neglects Galaxy S4 owner after phone fire; switches to HTC One

Author By Vytautas Palubeckas
Updated :Feb 6, 2024
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What Actually Happened?

In a startling incident, an individual was peacefully asleep, their phone charging nearby on the bed. Abruptly, a burning sensation jolted them awake as they accidentally brushed against the phone.

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The phone was smoldering, emitting a foul odor. The heat was so intense, they had to use a shirt to protect their hand while relocating the phone to a window sill to cool off. Upon inspection half an hour later, they found that the charging cable had fused into the phone, and broke when they tried to remove it. Smaller fragments had to be extracted with pliers.

The individual, while suffering minor burns, fortunately, saw no other damage beyond the phone and cable. Contrary to previous statements asserting the use of an HTC cable, it is clarified that a Samsung cable was in use.

The charger was the original that had come with the phone. The purpose of sharing this incident is not to defame Samsung. It is emphasized that this incident is rare and does not reflect on all Samsung products. The phone in question, a Galaxy S4, had been an excellent device that the individual was fond of.

As far as could be determined, the damage was localized to the charging port. The phone had been charging for about 2-3 hours, with no active apps or updates running at the time.

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Reddit Reply From HTC To User

“Looks like you’re in luck, buddy. I happen to be the HTC Product Manager on the AT&T account. I appreciate the feedback and civil discussion you’ve generated on Reddit while avoiding the ‘bashing’. I think any OEM or company would appreciate that!

I would like to offer you a brand new HTC One m8. What do you say?
The deal is if Samsung does eventually figure out how to get you a new device or offers that you please donate that to charity or sell it and please donate the funds to an organization of your choice. Honors system here, and no way I can really know but just leaving that simple request here as these devices don’t grow on trees and are worth a good chunk of money even to the OEM who makes them!

Bottom line we want to move you over to #TeamHTC”

Vytautas Palubeckas