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31 disc Harry Potter collection now available

Harry Potter may be over and done with, but fans of the series are still craving for more collectables and exclusives to buy whenever they have the chance. Warner Bros has announced a new 31 disc Harry Potter collection for 2014, consisting of all the films and some features.

Harry Potter collectionIn the set there is 31 discs, split into eight films on DVD, Blu-Ray and UltraViolet digital. The discs come in a rather luxurious book, following the life of Harry Potter. The book appears to have some information on the film, lore and behind the scenes footage.

Warner Bros had a similar package in 2012 available for people to buy, it had the same 31 discs in different formats, the book, a cloth map of Hogwarts, the Horcrux locket and an ornate chest of drawers container, the last three features will not be available in the new 2014 edition.

31 Disc Harry Potter CollectionThis does sound a little odd, especially for collectors, but the new collection appeals to people with a little less money to spend on the franchise. Warner Bros dropped the price from $500 to $250, taking away some of the more exciting features of the collection.

In our view, the whole point of a collectors edition is all the special features available in the deal. To drop this to the bare minimum, it will probably put off hardcore collectors and we doubt there is really a market for people who want to collect but don’t want the full package.

The Hogwarts Collection 2014 will be available on April 29 and is currently exclusive on Amazon, for any fans who simply cannot wait for stores to add this collection.

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