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Alien: Isolation to allow fully non-lethal playthroughs

Alien video games have never been great, in fact Alien: Colonial Marines is considered one of the biggest failures in the history of video games, offering a poor experience from what was expected to be a big franchise release.

The new title, Alien: Isolation, focuses on a different aspect of the story, the battle between one human and one alien. The Creative Assembly, the developers of the game, shed some light as to how players can take a non-lethal approach.

Alien: Isolation will be a mix of different horror games, mostly Outlast that works on making the player feel useless against the enemies and the only way to win is to uncover the truth, by escaping the beasts.

The game will take place on the Sevastopol Station, where one Alien clone killed most of the people. Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Ellen Ripley, goes to the station, to try and figure out what happened and uncover the truth.

For most of the game, the Alien will be a constant presence, even if it is not currently chasing Ripley. There will be other threats too, like humans who have been turned by the Alien’s presence, these will be killable enemies.

This is where the choice comes in, does Ripley kill the people still alive on the Sevastopol Station, or allow them to live. We still don’t know what these characters traits will be, why they did not die to the Alien.

It is an interesting Alien expansion, the graphics make it look like a next-gen experience and Creative Assembly has put a lot of focus on retaining the 70’s style vision of the future, very reminiscent of the movie.

Alien: Isolation will come to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC on October 7. No word on how long we expect the single-player to be, normally horror games have a tendency of lasting less than five hours.

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