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All About Cities: Skylines Game

People want really good city-building games to play, games that not only demand high level of creativity but also provide entertainment. That’s what Cities: Skylines is promising to offer. This game is causing a lot of excitement and expectation since it is an attempt to fix the problems that were noted with SimCity.

If you like playing city-building games, then this is the best you can get. It’s just so fantastic! You can just walk up to an enormous tract of land, open up some tools and build whatever you want. Be they curved roads, straight roads, office blocks and even districts with their own tax rules.

Many people didn’t like SimCity because of its small size. This problem has been solved by Skylines. With Skylines, you can begin small and grow your city by unlocking more and more of the surrounding countryside. It even reaches to a point where you can start building satellite communities just for fun, because your primary city will already be so big.

Skyline is quite liberating. You will never feel limited, like a case where you pack a certain area in just because you fear running into a wall. Well, those walls are there eventually but you can play the game over and over non-stop without coming close to hitting the map’s wall. Once you have filled in every area, you can eventually unlock because you have made a very big city.

Big City

Skyline’s default setting is pretty easy, and that makes it great for builders and artists. You can plan and budget with the ‘money’ you have so you don’t run into cash-flow problems as you build the cities. But if you are struggling with money issues, the game has a few modes you can activate to change things up for you. Some modes will unlock you unlimited cash; others will unlock the entire land area while others will unlock every unique building.

Skyline allows you to plan entire regions and suburbs, and also do some small things. For example, the game allows you to plan the public transport. You can plan out specific routes for each mode of transport rather than just dropping stops, depots and stations on the map.

This ability to manually assign subway lines and bus routes makes the game to be quite enjoyable, like you’ve got more precise control over the movement of the people in the city.

The game is also engaging a lot. It may even require you to clear abandoned buildings so as to lay your city’s water pipes. This kind of action requires strategic thinking, making the game more interesting.

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