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Last Updated: Sep 17, 2016

All lovers of video games will now be able to enjoy a brand-new game called Battlefield Hardline which is a mission type video game. This particular video game is full of action and was developed by Visceral Games. The game is directed under the supervision of Ian Milham, and the story was written by two writers; Tom Bissell and Wendy Calhoun. The game’s producer is Cate Latchford.

Battlefield Hardline can boast by having a good cast when it comes to giving voice to characters in the game. The people who gave their voice are Ian Anthony Dale, Alexandra Daddario, and Ross Marquand, just to name a few.

Plot Of The Game

Battlefield Hardline is an action game filled with action and many criminal activities. The game itself offers its players a vast variety of gameplay which are brand new. The story line revolves around the police and war against crime. Player will enjoy a good chase between criminals and police, Special Response Units, to be exact. Players will be able to use all sorts of weapons and military vehicles, such as Lenco Bearcat, and, of course, to use police equipment such as handcuffs and Tasers. The game introduces players to different modes such as rescue, blood money, and heist and cross hairmode.

In the heist mode, criminals have to break a vault which is of course packed with hard cash and run with all the stolen money without getting caught. The police is on their tail all the time. If the criminals get away with that, they score points.

Stolen Money

In the blood money mode, criminals have retrieved the money from the crates which are located in the center of the map and to get back to the truck. This time there are two factions of the bad guys. The criminals can also steal money from the opposite team, but under the same conditions (the team has to deposit $ 5 million dollars into their truck or even more than the other team members), but of course within the limited time.

When talking about the rescue mode, players will have only 3 minutes to play the game where five police officers face five criminals. Police try to win over the hostages from a gang of criminals. The police team will win if they kill all the bad guys and rescue the hostages. The criminals will win if they succeed in killing all the policemen. All this action has to be played in 3 minutes tops. Very dynamic and fast game.

Crosshair mode is also a time-limited, and the players will face a situation with five bad guys and five good guys. The time to complete the game is also just 3 minutes tops. This mode is fairly similar to the rescue mode with a few minor differences. In this mode, police officers have arrested a gang member who turned against his criminal buddies. The police has to take the bad guy to Court (that’s also mentioned in the map). If the cops succeed and take him to court, the cops win the game, but if criminals kill their gang member who turned against them, they win the game.


The game uses some new and enhanced weapons, and techniques which are awesome and true video game lovers will now how to appreciate them. The game uses some new gadgets like firing the Grappling Hook used for going from one area to another. Players can stretch the zip line between two points, or jump into the Zip line very quickly in order to get from one area to another. The weapons used in this game for attacking the enemy is meant for players who love a lot of action and fast movement. The video game can be downloaded on Xbox 360, PC, PS 3, PS4 and Xbox one. It can be purchased via Amazon for $59.96.

Even though we have seen many games where cops and criminals meet, and it might seem out of place, but the game, in fact, has some new elements and is not doll. It is exciting and has the fastest gameplay so far. Time is not vested in any sense and players will enjoy the game very much. With some of the new gadgets, the video game has a bright future in front.

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