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Last Updated: Sep 26, 2016

A good headset is a must have for any gamer. However, with the market changing so fast and new products being launched daily, it can be hard keeping up with the trends. Gaming headsets are very personal peripherals and choosing a set that accentuates your style and preference is a primal goal. What most people are looking out for are frequency response, surround sound and of course the price range.

We have gone through tons of headsets that are being offered in the market and have compiled the following list of the top 9 best gaming headset for gamers in 2016.

1. Sentey GS-4561 gaming headset

This headset offers great flexibility, comfort and of course the most important part; great sound. The product also has subwoofer integration capability which adds an extra bass. The ear caps are well padded to offer extra comfort to the gamer and the noise reduction feature works with impeccable results.

The quality of sound that you get from this headset is simply great and so is the quality of the mouth piece (microphone). Your fellow gamers are able to hear every word that you say with impeccable clarity. The comfort from this device lasts for hours and does not strain the ears for being worn for extended periods of time. The price of the headset is also very affordable.

2. SADES A6 gaming headset

This nice looking headset feature a stylish color pattern that is hard to ignore. The blue and white color combination work well on this device. The earmuff are of good design and have some air holes to guarantee comfort and also feature a pressure relieving frame for that extra comfort.

Extra feature include LED lights and a headset mic which are above competition. And even though the device is lightweight, it has the ability to play high bass and also loud sounds. This is truly value for the money investment as the price on the device is nothing compared to its quality.

Logitech G35

3. Logitech G35

This is for the gamer who want more from his headset and is willing to spend little more. This device offers the best 7.1 surround sound which is powered by Dolby Sound technology. The device is able to deliver a detailed and immersive experience that can only be likened to a concert. You will be able to see the rivals even before they attack through the high quality surround sound that the device renders.

The set has 3 G-keys which can be customized to your liking so that you can gain full control of the chat clients, music and all other aspects. The left side has a quick access setting for volume and a mute button for the mic. The headset can be easily connected to the Pc via a USB cable.

4. Mixcder Drip gaming

This has to be the best gaming headset that is wireless in the market at the moment. This headset features a 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity and a mic that is noise cancelling. The design of the headset is beautiful not to add that you can also use them if you do not have a Bluetooth tech on your PC.

The battery on the headset holds up to 20 hours of music while standby can go up to 250 hours. The headset has a long cable and can be easily folded for transport. They are surely worth every dollar.

5. Kingston HyperX cloud II

This headset device was made for compatibility. Featuring a 7.1 surround system from Dolby, this headset easily works on both the Mac and PC. It also works on OS X and windows as well as XBOX ONE and PS4.

The frequency response by the device is great and it features some impressive 53 mm neodymium magnets it comes with a sound card that is guaranteed to cancel noises and for your mic so as to improve you clarity to fellow gamers. The device is offered at a fair price not to mention that it comes with a two year warranty and free technical support.

Sennheiser GAME ONE

6. Sennheiser GAME ONE

This headset is for the gamer who also likes to listen to high quality music. This is a brand that has established itself in the making of headphones. Not only is the sound output great for gaming and music but also great for the fellow gamers listening to you. It has one of the best mics that we have tested.

The device comes at a fair price for both the white and black edition which additionally have a 2 year warranty.

7. ASTRO A50

If you are a hardcore streamer, then this is for you. It is fully compatible with XBOX One and PlayStation for all the three color variations. It feels very comfy even when worn for long periods. The device ensure a steady connection through the impressive Kleernet 5.8 GHz tech.

The device has three presets from which one can choose from so as to find the sound of your liking. The major setback however is the steep price. In case you need a high quality headset that will not disappoint and is worth the investment, look no further.

8. Kingston HyperX Cloud

This is one of the best gaming headset for many reasons. It features an appealing and comfortable design that is easy to fall in love with, high quality sound output and a user review that shows great satisfaction with the product.

The striking thing however is how cheap it is. The noise canceling mic is also effective and can even be detached.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

9. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Although these are mostly used in professional studios, they are also dope gaming headsets. They will simply trump any headset in the market. They have been engineered and tested by the best experts in the field to ensure top notch quality and trend setting capability.


The headsets listed above are the trendsetters in the market at the moment. They not only give you high quality sound output, but also a serene mic experience for your fellow gamers. We have tried to broaden the scope by covering a wider price range so that you can get exactly what works for you. So go ahead, grab one and let’s get ready to game.

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