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Dark Souls 2 first three part DLC series ‘Lost Crowns’ revealed

Dark Souls 2 will be getting a trilogy of DLC content in the next few weeks, beginning on June 22. From Software, the developers in charge of the Dark Souls franchise, released a video trailer for the Lost Crowns DLC, showing some of the upcoming monsters and places to explore.

The DLC will arrive in three parts at separate times, The Crown of the Sunken King will be the first to launch on June 22, followed by The Crown of the Old Iron King on August 26 and The Crown of the Ivory King on September 24. The two month time gap between the first and second may be due to From Software finishing up the trilogy.

Not much is known about the trilogy but The Crown of the Sunken King will involve the player retrieving the crown King Vendrick once owned. The design of the levels show dungeons and weirdly designed creatures will be in this expansion. We don’t know how long From Software wants these DLC packs to last for, we hope more than a few hours.

The Dark Souls 2 DLC will arrive on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. No next generation consoles, following in the originals footsteps. This also basically confirms From Software do not want to port Dark Souls 2 to the next generation, instead waiting on their next game to show off the new features the next-gen consoles can achieve.

Pricing for each DLC will cost $9.99 and the complete bundle is available to pre-order for $24.99, saving $5.00. This is normal pricing for full gameplay DLC, newer games now offer small packs like new clothing and aesthetic, but for a full new expansion into the Dark Souls 2 universe this seems fair.

Dark Souls Producer Takeshi Miyazoe said From Software would look at making DLC, depending on the fan feedback for the original. Looks like the feedback was good for Dark Souls 2.

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