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Destiny beta to include four chapters and competitive multiplayer

Bungie is preparing to start the beta program for customers who pre-ordered Destiny, their upcoming shared world shooter. After a successful alpha test, the beta will include four chapters and competitive multiplayer, according to a letter sent to GameStop and EB Games store managers.

The four story chapters might be the main story or some side-quests, we still don’t know what Bungie is looking to create and if players will have a “main quest”, or several different quests that are equally as important to the factions.

Most MMOs like to make sure there is enough content and balance the content, so one quest does not feel more significant in the world than another. Quests will get harder and offer more value overtime, but startup players will not be able to complete those quests.

Destiny might introduce new ways to move from quest to quest and from place to place. We have already seen the landscape allows players to venture into other zones and other worlds, similar to most MMOs.

The competitive multiplayer tagline points to PvP coming to the beta, allowing players to fight one versus one. Plenty of MMOs offer this functionality, allowing players to fight and win the other players loot at the end.

This could be a bit bad for players who are new to the game, who might not understand where the PvP areas start and end up losing a lot of their items, hopefully PvP will be located far away from the starting area.

Destiny’s beta will last two weeks on PS4 and one week on Xbox One, starting on July 17 for PS4 owners and July 23 for Xbox One users, and finishing on July 28 for both parties.

Bungie will use data gathered from the beta to influence the end game, coming September 9 to PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3. Still no word on a PC release, Bungie has said four platforms is enough, but they might invest in PC in the future.

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