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Do you want to make your kids smarter? Get them these games

There are many games in Google Play and iTunes stores that may not be of much help to you kids. But the ones discussed below have been carefully selected to help your kids learn in the process of playing.

DragonBox Algebra 5+


As can be deduced from its name, this game will help your kids learn algebra. It is great for kids who are about 5 years. The game involves matching picture of bug, fish, etc to feed a hungry dragon. In the process the kid will be learning some fundamentals of algebra without even his knowledge.

It is the best way to introduce arithmetic, positive and negative, solving for x without using any mathematics equation. There is another complementary version of the game that can be used to teach 12-year-old more advanced concepts like fractions and factoring. Even adults can enjoy this game. It is available at $6 for iOS, Mac, Windows and Android.

Tinybop Plants


This game will help your kids learn about nature. They choose their biome then sit back and watch as animals enter and leave, day become night, weeks pass and seasons change. By dragging their finger cross the screen, they can change the course of a foraging animal; tap a cloud to make it rain, and even drop a corn to plant a corn. It costs only $2; iOS only.



This app lets the player adopt a kooky cartoon character and animate it by dragging routines onto a pasteboard and then running them.

Tinybop Human Body


This helps kids learn about human physiology. They tap icons to view skeleton, the nervous system, muscles, digestive system, etc. It also helps them learn how the olfactory centre responds to smell and even the path taken by food in the digestive track.


This will help build your kids’ word power. It uses a series of simple quizzes which starts out relative easy then develops depending on the skill level of the player. It has both visual and verbal challenges.

Other games that can make your kid to be smart include S.M.A.R.T. Adventures Mission Math, Motion Math Play Pack and Leo’s Pad.

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