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EA Dropping 50 Classic Titles due to GameSpy Hosting Services

EA has announced fifty classic multiplayer titles will be going offline, following the end of GameSpy hosting services. EA used GameSpy on many of their older titles, but Glu Mobile has decided to shut down the service.

GameSpy Technology offered various multiplayer advantages, including leaderboards and matchmaking. EA has said they are evaluating options from the community and other third party services, but from June 30 all games without community aid will be offline.

EA will not look to getting all of these games back online, since some of them have very low active player-bases. Popular titles like Battlefield 1 and 2, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and Command & Conquer might get new active multiplayer from another source.

Free PC and Mac program¬†GameRanger will be keeping Star Wars: Battlefront 2 open on multiplayer. No word on Crysis 1, 2 or Star Wars: Empire at War, we can expect like the rest of EA’s titles they will remain offline until either a free agent picks it up or the community bands together to make a solution.

Even though we cannot falter EA’s decision to take these older titles offline, it does appear to be a good way for EA to remove a lot of their catalogue and stop incurring losses at the hands of desperate fans, who want to keep the game going.

EA has one of the worst reputations for online gaming, with SimCity 5 and Battlefield 4 showing the incompetence of the publisher when it comes to making games that run smoothly and are developed to the point where they don’t have bugs.

This bad reputation has awarded EA the Worst Company in America title twice in a row, although in 2014 they lost the title to Time Warner Cable. EA has managed to get Titanfall out unscathed, although this might be in part due to Respawn Entertainment having a large portion of the work completed.

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