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EA to Create Original Stories for Star Wars Games

The Star Wars license was acquired by EA last year for a full ten years of use and it looks like the company will put the IP to good use, with DICE already working on Star Wars: Battlefront and EA Canada working on an open world action game involving many of the core Star Wars characters, similar to an MMORPG.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson has also confirmed they will not be making a Star Wars game that follows a movie and will instead incorporate the same style as Warner Bros’ Batman Arkham series, adapting the IP to fit new original stories.

Batman Arkham has been a successful franchise move by Warner Bros, getting the help of Rocksteady Studios to create some quality Batman games with real depth in the gameplay and story, allowing both fans of the franchise and fans of fighting games to come together and enjoy the experience.

Star Wars is a huge franchise and there is tons of possibility when it comes to exploring the universe, something we are very excited to see done on the open world Star Wars game. The EA CEO has hinted at more fighting focused games which are focused on a certain character, like in Batman Arkham.

The past Star Wars games have been good and bad, but with EA’s new focus on bringing as many titles as possible to the franchise, we may see huge backlash or embrace of the new titles, depending on how much thought has been put into them.

Dungeon Keeper was a prime example of how EA fails to understand even the basics of a genre, crushing the dreams of Dungeon Keeper fans with stupid micro-transactions and making the game so intolerable to play without paying for gems and other expansions.

Star Wars Battlefront Teaser – E3 2013 EA Press Conference

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