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Flappy Bird developer teases new game on Twitter

Dong Nguyen has went from an obscure Vietnamese developer to one of the world’s most well known names on app development, with 165 thousand followers on Twitter, it is a perfect place to start advertising his new game.

No word on the name or mechanics, but it looks like another pixel-art mobile game, in the style of Canabalt or Monster Dash. The game involves running across a 2D world, avoiding different obstacles and jumps.

The shadow path shown in the game may be a replay system, where the player could go back a few seconds and try to beat their previous score, this would be an impressive mechanic to add to the game.

Considering Flappy Bird is considered one of the most aggravating games to continue playing, we believe Dong’s new game will employ some painful progression, where the player will lose countless times, this might be where the replay comes into play.

The small gaps in the walls show even one step too high or low would result in a loss. We are excited to see what Dong brings out, even if his last game was Flappy Bird, which cannot be considered a “great game” even on mobile.

Dong will be bringing Flappy Bird back in August this year, after removing it from the apps store. The reasoning for removing Flappy Bird was a combination of death threats and it being too addictive, according to Dong.

At the peak time, Dong was making around $50,000 per day with Flappy Bird, all from advertisements at the bottom of the screen. We cannot see Flappy Bird’s success getting to that level, even though people might play it for nostalgia.

Dong might want to drift back into obscurity, but the 150,000 Twitter followers and fans that still play Flappy Bird want to hear what the developers is working on, even if his last successful game hurt the developer.

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