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GameStop wants to offer exclusive gameplay content

Often times, publishers will offer pre-order content for free on their game. Usually this is skins, weapons or other cosmetics, but sometimes publishers will go out their way to reward pre-orders, with gameplay content unavailable to the general customer.

GameStop wants to take this a step further, in a GameBeat report, Colin Sebastian claims the retailer is looking to make exclusive content deals with publishers and developers, who will create content only for GameStop customers.

This comes after the retailer has been hit with several issues in making money, digital distribution is becoming more popular and pre-owned titles are becoming less relevant, two of GameStop’s key markets.

In order to perk up fans, GameStop wants to make deals with publishers to offer exclusive content. We are not sure if this will be content free on GameStop, but at a price everywhere else, or content made exclusively for those customers.

The latter option seems a little odd, considering GameStop doesn’t have good command of any other countries outside the United States and pre-ordering from a local shop has become a rare sight.

GameStop still has a lot of market share in the pre-owned and pre-order markets, but those are starting to become less relevant and we doubt any developer would risk a few months project for GameStop customers only.

Still, it looks like GameStop is going through with the new feature anyway and will no doubt be on the back of publishers, trying to get them to create unique content for GameStop customers.

The likelihood of any big development studio offering content exclusively for GameStop is low, but who knows, they might have more command of the market than we first thought, enough to turn the heads of major studios.

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