Halo 5: Guardians Launched On Xbox One on October 27

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Last Updated: Sep 23, 2016

The Halo 5 launch last month on October 27 has been the greatest milestone for Xbox and surprisingly, two records have been broken. Firstly, it’s the biggest Halo launch ever in the history of Xbox and second, it’s the fastest-selling Xbox One exclusive game ever released.

Halo 5s (everything from game, hardware, merchandise to whatever) have been purchased by billions around the world and the total sales after a month of its launch remains at $500 million (that’s a great sale!) while the game is also the most frolicked of any game on Xbox One and needless to say, the most played on Xbox Live. Likewise, Halo 5 has the maximum week one attach rate for a Microsoft first party franchise on Xbox One. By now, there have been a lot of anticipations about DLC and so, a new-fangled DLC for the game is scheduled to release in December.

The Story behind Success

According to Phil Spencer, the success of Halo 5 is an evidence to the ground-breaking work from the team at 343 Industries to bring this game to Xbox One. The words from Phil are absolutely right because the Xbox fans have loved the story, characters and gameplay central in the game. Just to make sure that the fans are doing great with Halo 5, you need to know that those enthusiasts have logged more than 21 million hours of total gameplay (look at the power of fans! 21 million hours?).

Out of the 21 million hours, 12 million hours have been used up in the campaign mode only. Multiplayer comes to light with 9 million hours of gameplay, with more than seven million multiplayer bouts played thru Arena and the all-new Warzone mode. Into the bargain, the fans are taking heavily to the new Requisition System, with more than 45 million REQ Packs picked up plus, 568 million REQ Cards in over-all.

About the Game

On the other hand, the live launch event last month has claimed a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title by having the most views ever during a launch broadcast and generated over uncreatable 330,000 unique streams at the end of the event. While the content’s broadcast generated almost 5.5 million total views thru the launch week, Halo 5: Guardians is the most downloaded digital game ever in the Xbox Store for an opening week.

“The game represents all the possibilities of Xbox One and has earned its place as the anchor title in the greatest holiday games lineup in Xbox history.” added Phil Spencer after the outstanding accomplishment.

highest rated XboxMetacritic says that Halo 5 is the highest rated Xbox One exclusive and also, the top first-person shooter game of 2015. The Verge has also added to the superb words by Metacritic saying, “an absolute masterclass in how to craft a first-person shooter”. By now, almost all the fans from around the world might have known what a first person shooter actually is by playing Halo 5. In the egg basket of all positive exclamations, Twitch adds one more by stating that Halo 5 was the most streamed Xbox One exclusive viewed more than three million hours of in the first week.

Halo World Championship

The Halo World Championship is scheduled to begin later this year and for that reason, players (even who are less than 13) have started diving into Halo 5 and have initiated to be a master to appear in the competition cited above. According to sources, December to March is the time frame allocated for conducting the championship in which only the best players from around the world will descend to the arena for supremacy.

In fact, the competition is going to be the biggest in the history of gaming with participants preparing with full enthusiasm starting right from the launch day. The Halo 5 REQ System has crowd funding enabled due to which the global prize puddle has got hold of $1.5 million and yes, it’s growing daily.

Where Can You Get It?

Now onto the buying part! If you are in the US, then you can easily grab of copy of the game for just $59.99 at more than 110 Microsoft stores across the homeland. For those who want to grab a digital copy of the game, simply go to and navigate through the site until you find the option to buy Halo 5. The retail price is $59.99 until you decide to grab a preowned copy (well, getting a used copy is going to be really difficult this time around!). Last but not least, you can try your luck at eBay and maybe you will locate a fine deal

Not everyone might have funds right now so if you want to go through the launch once again for not getting the game on time, you can always watch the events on YouTube and of course, don’t forget to see the snapshots from global launch events.

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