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Leaked preview of Project Beast shows From Software’s next move

From Software’s past few years has been all about Armoured Core and Dark Souls, their two biggest franchises at the moment. The Dark Souls II game received a lot of acclaim due to its incredibly tough boss battles and well designed world.

A new leaked preview of screenshots has been leaked in the past month, first arriving on a 4chan board and then uploaded on NeoGaf with more screenshots. The small GIFs show little bits of a game known as Project Beast internally, From Software’s next release.

Nothing has been officially announced by From Software so this could all be an elaborate hoax, although the likelihood of that is low considering the amount of depth put into the screenshots and same look and feel as previous Souls games, minus the guns.

The preview has everything a Dark Souls game is known for, being able to fight hordes and learn different moves to avoid taking damage and huge boss enemies that are ten times the size as normal scrubs.

Dark Souls 2 direction Yui Tanamura did say if there was to be another Dark Souls game, he would like to use the next-gen technology to really make the design of the world and the graphical fidelity much higher, while testing out new mechanics the game could deliver.

Implementing a physics engine was one of the key factors Tanamura wanted on the next Dark Souls game and said it would only be possible if if was developed on the next-gen, where From Software could take advantage of extra CPU and GPU power.

Dark Souls has a very loyal fanbase of people who love to play the rock hard game and spend hundreds of hours trying to get through the boss battles. If this new game implements things like guns and is set in another era, it would bring another set of abilities to bring to a fight.

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