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Microsoft confirms loaning and gifting digital titles is a possibility in the future

Xbox Chief Phil Spencer talked to GameSpot about the future of the Xbox One and Live platform, expanding on the prospects of the digital purchases and the potential to loan and gift digital titles to friends and family, similar to Steam’s family sharing feature and digital game gifting.

Spencer believes digital is the future of the Xbox One, we remember before the 180 change on the console, Microsoft was extremely digital focused, adding DRM and region locking to the physical games and offering family and friend digital sharing.

These features were taken off when the 180 change happened to the Xbox One, but Spencer has said family sharing could come soon. The Xbox boss says with all the information gather on a user from the Kinect and Xbox One, they can use it to figure out who the user wants to lend games to on their friends list.

Again, we see Microsoft not really taking into consideration the amount of people who don’t like the Kinect “spying” on the them, even though Spencer’s announcement may show Microsoft has some good technology, it also makes us feel like they’re weirdly checking out our friends.

Spencer did recall last Summer, saying before the changes the target for the Xbox One was right in some areas. For anyone that can remember, the Xbox One suffered huge amounts of flack for their policies on gaming and sharing on the Xbox One and Sony soaked up the bad press by announcing their console would not offer these new features.

He claimed he would rather be honest with the consumer and show their plans, rather than “sugar-coat” the facts, it is possible if the company had kept some of the new features short and sweet, the press wouldn’t have reacted so negatively.

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