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Mirror’s Edge 2 first gameplay trailer to be shown off at E3 2014

After a year since the first announcement on Mirror’s Edge 2 at E3 2013, Electronic Arts and DICE are preparing to show off new gameplay for the second in the series, expected to be an upgrade on the visuals and the free running mechanics.

Not much is known about Mirror’s Edge 2, a small trailer at E3 2013 showed the protagonist Faith fighting the bad guys and running around buildings, same as before, but we know nothing about the plot or any additional new features being brought to the game.

The original Mirror’s Edge gained fans due to the aesthetic and great free running platform, but criticism was drawn on the Faith character and the overall plot, not being well thought out and ending in a rather boring single-player story.

Mirror’s Edge fan base is not huge, but Electronic Arts certainly considers it worth another shot. The original was launched in November 2008 and we have been waiting six years for the successor, if DICE doesn’t pull something special out of the bag, it will feel like six years wasted on basically the same game.

This is the issue with bringing a sequel to a fairly mediocre franchise, the fan base who did enjoy the original Mirror’s Edge and still play it will want something incredibly unique but still brings references to the original, whereas most people want a new experience that shows off the next-gen systems.

Electronic Arts has a lot of games coming to E3 2014, they said six games would be announced at the event, big words but not as big as last year. Last year’s E3 did offer a lot of early sneak previews, most of those games aren’t available and won’t be available until 2015.

Mirror’s Edge 2 will be coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC, we have no date just now, but EA’s conference tomorrow will surely reveal the release date for the title.

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