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MLG app officially available for Xbox 360

The Major League Gaming app has officially been made available on Xbox 360 consoles, allowing gamers who have Xbox Live Gold memberships to check out all of the eSports content MLG are currently producing, including their weekly eSports report show.

MLG has been the biggest provider of Call of Duty eSports content for a while now, organising several tournaments for Call of Duty pros to win prize money for showing off their skills, although in the past few years their efforts have been shadowed by the LCS and Valve.

According to MLG CEO, users consumed over 54 million hours of content in 2013, an impressive stat when bringing the Xbox 360 app to one of the most active Call of Duty crowds. The Xbox 360 has always been the console of choice for Call of Duty fans, grabbing more sales than the PS3.

This also shows Microsoft’s continued effort to offer content for the Xbox 360, despite the Xbox One being their primary focus. When announcing the Xbox One, Microsoft did say they want to continue to support the Xbox 360 for an additional three years and have the potential to sell 25 million more units.

eSports is becoming a rather large part of gamers time, allowing them to watch the best in the world compete on their video game of choice, whether that is Starcraft 2, DoTA 2, League of Legends or Call of Duty.

MLG has tried to expand out their eSports variety to Starcraft 2, Halo Reach and League of Legends, but has failed to gain a huge attraction the same way the Intel Extreme Masters or other tournaments have in the past year.

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