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    Blizzard cancels MMO title Titan

    Mystery MMO Titan has been cancelled by Blizzard after seven years of development. Though it has not been officially announced, the project has been stopped according to Mike Morhaime, CEO of Blizzard. Project Titan was supposed to be to... Read More

  • MMO: Get the Latest Updates and News

    New Destiny trailer shows working with other players

    Destiny is a fascinating upcoming game, hailed as one of the biggest titles coming in 2014, the developers Bungie have a lot to live up to, especially considering the immense amount of money Activision is funding to make this... Read More

  • Transformers Universe Closed Beta Weekend

    MMO: Get the Latest Updates and News

    Transformers Universe closed beta weekend, with new robots

    Jagex Games Studios will be putting Transformers Universe in closed beta this weekend, after hearing about a 2014 release date, plenty of Transformers fans are lurking in the dark, wanting to try out the new MMORPG the UK gaming... Read More

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