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New Destiny trailer shows working with other players

Destiny is a fascinating upcoming game, hailed as one of the biggest titles coming in 2014, the developers Bungie have a lot to live up to, especially considering the immense amount of money Activision is funding to make this title a success.

In the latest trailer, Destiny developers talk about how working with other players, open interaction like an MMO and class based fighting and skill-sets will make the game more dynamic and different to every player.

The main guts of Destiny is a shooter, the design of the game world allows people to use weaponry or some kind of mage like electric-magic. We are not sure how sci-fi they will go and whether Destiny will have true magic.

Destiny will be one of the first MMO’s coming to console, allowing hundreds and potentially thousands of players to be in the same world together. ESO has already butchered the idea of a console MMO by announcing big delays, possibly allowing Destiny a free run at the market.

The interaction with players seems borderline boring, especially to a PC gamer who has tried out games like World of Warcraft and other MMOs in the past. Quests can be played alone and the player doesn’t need to interact with others in the world, but it is helpful, especially in PvE.

As far as we know, there will be three classes and all will have different abilities, quests and skill-sets. We are excited to see what Destiny brings to the table in terms of customisation of character, being able to level up certain skills to make more of an impact in a team.

What Destiny is really lacking is core new ideas, all of these concepts being thrown into Destiny feel recycled and we want an actual big change in the MMO scene. The world looks beautiful, but that might not be enough to sell a subscription, especially to console gamers.

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