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No Man’s Sky should come to PC a few months after launch

Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky platforms have not been announced so far, all we have heard is it will come first to PlayStation 4 on a timed exclusive, but for the Xbox One, PC and any other platforms, the studio has been silent.

However, there are a lot of hints that No Man’s Sky will be coming to PC in the near future. Hello Games have said they could port the game without an issue and believe mods will be a critical part of the game in the future.

No Man’s Sky is a beautiful game, the aesthetic and procedurally generated world all look very appealing, with a mix between the Spore planet vibe and space battles, allowing the player to travel to thousands of different worlds.

We still do not know what the plot will be in No Man’s Sky, the guys at Hello Games like to speak cryptically and detail “the player making the story”, potentially leading to user-created content, tribes and civilisations.

This would be a huge task for a company that has previously only made a few indie titles, to now be stepping up and making arguably one of the best looking titles for the next generation console, in there with big studios like Ubisoft and CD Projekt Red.

Hello Games obviously want to showcase the game on as many platforms as possible, but the way to gain money in the console world is timed exclusives. It also makes for a good reputation with the console manufacturer, so when Hello Games makes another game Sony will probably fund them, again.

Still, if this doesn’t come to PC, it will be as big of a shame as Destiny. Of course, Bungie have always been against PC and lacklustre in their direction, but we cannot fault them since Halo is one of the biggest games in the world now.

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