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Oculus cancelling pre-orders for people trying to sell VR device

Oculus will begin shipping out their second release of the Rift VR in the coming weeks, but as thousands of people want to try out the virtual reality device, Oculus has noticed a disturbing amount of reselling.

The team has already banned sales in China, due to the extreme amount of reselling happening in the region, and has started to ban all eBay sellers and people trying to resell the Rift VR on websites, by cancelling their pre-orders.

Due to Oculus still offering the beta product as a developer device, they are capable of removing pre-orders as they see fit and have started actively removing people from the Oculus community, if they try and sell the device.

There are around 45,000 pre-orders for the Oculus Rift VR and only 10,000 will be shipped in July, with further delays possible down the road. For people wanting to pre-order now, the line is potentially four months long.

Some sellers were pricing the virtual reality headset at $5000, when the pre-order price is just $350, showing the want for the Rift VR. We are surprised if anyone would bid on this device, considering it is still very much in beta.

Oculus is not bulletproof when it comes to finding out who the seller is and sometimes users might be able to sell the Rift VR on eBay and other auction sites, without Oculus cutting their pre-orders, but this would not be a good way to keep Oculus happy.

Oculus has been investing a lot in the past few months on talent and product, to make sure the VR Rift that becomes the official consumer edition is well designed for the less developer orientated community, currently testing it out.

There is a lot of pressure for Oculus to succeed, considering Facebook’s $2 billion acquisition relies on Oculus performing well, alongside all of the public pressure to really bring virtual reality into the market.


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