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Ouya offers their library to gamers for $60 per year

Ouya is still one of the most successful Kickstarters to date, gaining around $8 million in funding from the crowd-funding website. It appeared to be the start of the mini-console, but the Ouya has not been as successful after Kickstarter.

The fan base is still there, but according to most users there is no killer game to spend hours and hours playing. TowerFall was the game to get when the Ouya launched, but the buzz for that game stopped a few months ago and Ouya is yet to get another big title.

In order to entice more gamers to try out the Ouya again, the team has started a $60 per year subscription deal, offering the full catalogue of Ouya titles for free. This does come with some exceptions, maps and other DLC are not included in the deal and games have to be under $30.

Thankfully, most of the games on Ouya are under $30 and do not have much DLC available. No word on if users will be able to keep the library or if they have to pay again to retain access to the games, our money is on the latter.

This could be a way for fans of the Ouya to play all the games, without having to purchase each one. The issue is Ouya’s collection of games is relatively small and we question whether $60 is really worth it for what Ouya is offering.

There are a few titles coming to the Ouya in the next year, but not enough to really make the Ouya console a big seller. Currently, the Xbox 360 and PS3 would be better purchases, in our opinion, even the Wii U for what it is worth.

Perhaps Ouya will look to convert developers from mobile and console in the near future with some new incentives, but right now it looks like the Ouya is stuck in a catch-22 situation.

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