DoTA 2 International 4 prize pool reaches $10 million

Valve’s multiplayer online battle arena game, DoTA2, has become one of the most popular experiences not just as a game, but as an eSport, with the International 4 reaching $10 million in crowdfunding for the Compendium.

Instead of using their own money to beef up the prize pool, DoTA2 decided to offer out a virtual book of the International 4 with backer rewards, allowing the community to fund the prize pool and get some goodies.

Valve has been investing to make sure the International 4 is viewable for newbies in DoTA 2, who might not understand the different abilities, champions and how the game is played on a competitive level.

This should hopefully draw more people to watch the International 4, even if they aren’t fans of DoTA 2 and do not find the MOBA that enjoyable to play. The eSport brings a new type of play, something players will not find in solo-queue.

Currently on Twitch.TV, The DoTA 2 International 4 group stages are pulling in around 100,000 viewers, another 50/75 thousand tune in for the Russian Twitch stream when one of the favorites in Russia are playing.

This might not be quite the same heights as League of Legends, who manage to pull in anywhere between 90,000 and 250,000 viewers for the group stages of LCS. We expect as the International 4 and LCS move out of the group stages, there will be more interest from fans.

MOBA games appear to be the most watched competitively and the most played, DoTA2 and League of Legends both have the most active monthly users and the most active monthly watchers of their eSport.

This has fuelled more studios to try out the MOBA genre, we will be seeing Evolve and Heroes of the Storm come this year, alongside other games that want to become an eSport and have professional play for money.

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