Oculus Rift project puts owners life in third person

Ever wanted to play out your own life in third person? A new project wants to make that a reality. In Poland, a group of tinkerers by the name of mepi developed a backpack with a 3D printed pole, holding two GoPro cameras.

The GoPro cameras can be controlled through a touchpad, allowing the user to move the direction of the cameras. The camera feed will be sent back to the Oculus Rift on the user’s face, showing a third person perspective of their own life.

The project is still in very early prototype stage and feels more like something cool, rather than something that is going to sell millions of units. We doubt the mepi team will ever actually make it a consumer product, focusing only on what the Oculus Rift technology can achieve more than creating a third person perspective in real-life.

The apparatus needed for the gizmo to work is enough to put anyone off using this in public, looking like a security camera is attached to your back. The whole thing is powered by an Arduino board, along with an Intel processor.

We are not sure how it will be powered for more than a few hours, relying on good battery power to keep the Oculus and other electronic equipment from failing. It is still a good achievement to see it actually working in the prototype stage.

Oculus Rift will be coming to users this year and the team is already planning multiple versions ahead, changing the design and power of the virtual reality headset for the next generation. The momentum has really picked up at Oculus after the Facebook acquisition, allowing the VR startup to acquire more talent.

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