Steam hits 8 million concurrent users on Summer Sale Encore Day

Steam has surpassed 8 million concurrent users, during its Summer Sale Encore Day. The last day of the sales brought hundreds of deals back and pushed a lot of Steam users onto the service, to acquire and play the games.

This is huge news for Valve, the distributor of Steam, who want to make the service a genuine platform, capable of competing with the Xbox One, PS4 and any other gaming solutions that crop up in the near future.

In the Christmas period last year Steam hit 7.5 million concurrent users, it has been a slow burner ever since 6 million, hit in December 2012. Concurrent records are normally broke at times where Valve puts up big sales.

8 million concurrent users is more than Xbox One or PS4 total sales, to put it into perspective. The Xbox 360 has around 80 million sales, but still is incapable of grabbing 8 million concurrent users like Steam.

Steam has around 60 million users signed up to the service, not as big as Xbox 360 or some older consoles, but more active than all of them. This could make Steam a more dominant player in the next few years, especially when the Steam Machines and mini-consoles start rolling out.

The PC has always been regarded as the third platform, behind Microsoft and Sony’s newest consoles. DRM and cheaper gaming prices have moved some publishers and developers away from making the PC their primary platform.

Hopefully, after seeing the increase in concurrent users and the active growth of Steam in the past year, publishers will start to see the value in building their game for PC and making sure it runs well on all types of computers.

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