Games: Know About Latest & Trendy Games

  • the-walking-dead-s02-e03-game

    Games: Know About Latest & Trendy Games

    Trailer revealed for The Walking Dead Game Season 2 Episode 3

    Telltale Games adaption of The Walking Dead is still running at full steam and it looks like we will be getting the Episode 3 this week, coming to the PC, Mac, Xbox 360, PS3 and iOS between May 13... Read More

  • Oddworld

    Games: Know About Latest & Trendy Games

    Oddworld creator hits back at comments on HD remake and EA

    The Oddworld creator Lorne Lanning has hit back at comments on the new game, Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, being a HD remake of a previous Oddworld title. Reviewers and first impressions have claimed the title is a remake, something... Read More

  • Harry Potter Collection

    Games: Know About Latest & Trendy Games

    31 disc Harry Potter collection now available

    Harry Potter may be over and done with, but fans of the series are still craving for more collectables and exclusives to buy whenever they have the chance. Warner Bros has announced a new 31 disc Harry Potter collection... Read More

  • Facebook Acquires Oculus

    Games: Know About Latest & Trendy Games

    Facebook acquires Oculus VR for $2 billion

    Facebook has acquired Oculus VR, the virtual reality headset developer, for $2 billion. The deal will be split, $400 million in cash and 231 million Facebook shares, valued at $1.6 billion. Facebook has added additional $300 million incentives to... Read More

  • Valve and NVIDIA Confirm Portal Game Coming to Android

    Games: Know About Latest & Trendy Games

    Valve’s Portal Officially Comes to Android Based NVIDIA Shield

    Valve has announced they will be porting Portal, their critically acclaimed first-person puzzle game; to the Android console NVIDIA Shield. It is the first time Portal has been officially ported to a mobile device and shows the power on... Read More

  • PS4 Game

    Games: Know About Latest & Trendy Games

    Sony representative hints at pre-loading feature for PS4

    As we step away from owning physical copies of games and into the digital world, pre-loading has become a big part of having the “midnight launch” hype a store brings when a video game is about to launch, allowing... Read More

  • Boy Playing Video Game

    Games: Know About Latest & Trendy Games

    Can Violent Video Games Make Your Children More Aggressive?

    A new study focusing on video games creating more violent behaviors in children has issued a new report saying some evidence shows children that repeatedly play violent video games will act more aggressively, when compared to children that do... Read More

  • MLG app officially available for Xbox 360

    Games: Know About Latest & Trendy Games

    MLG app officially available for Xbox 360

    The Major League Gaming app has officially been made available on Xbox 360 consoles, allowing gamers who have Xbox Live Gold memberships to check out all of the eSports content MLG are currently producing, including their weekly eSports report... Read More

  • Amazing Spider Man 2 Gameplay

    Games: Know About Latest & Trendy Games

    The Amazing Spider Man 2 Gameplay Shown off on Xbox 360

    After launching a rather mediocre Amazing Spiderman title in 2012, Activision is looking to bring the franchise back to life with The Amazing Spiderman 2. We have just seen our first preview of the new gameplay coming to the... Read More

  • Online Multiplayer

    Games: Know About Latest & Trendy Games

    Issues That Continue to Plague Online Multiplayer

    The world of online multiplayer has grow tremendously with the introduction of Call of Duty and other shooters on the Xbox 360 and PS3, along with big titles on the PC like Garry’s Mod, Team Fortress 2, League of... Read More


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