Sony is still working on The Last Guardian, denies rumors it is cancelled

The Last Guardian has been in the works since 2007 and got an official reveal in 2009 with a planned release date sometime in 2011. It is three years since 2011 and we still do not have The Last Guardian, with Sony slipping up on the development end more than once.

The Last Guardian has had one of the most scattered launches in the history of video games, leading many to report Sony has dropped the game from its list of in development titles, even though Sony’s Scott Rhode has refuted these rumors on Twitter, claiming the game has not been cancelled.

This still does not say anything about Sony announcing The Last Guardian at E3 2014 and the “re-engineered” version of the game might take a few more years before release.¬†Fumito Ueda, the game’s creator, has apologised for the long delay but continues to work full-time on The Last Guardian.

We still do not know what the re-engineered version of the game will bring, but the original concept was a boy and a bird/cat creature. The boy befriends the creature and uses real life ways to lure the creature for help, like offering food. The player can use the creature to get over large obstacles.

Team Ico, the developers in charge of The Last Guardian, are working on an aesthetic similar to The Shadow of Colossus, their previous title. The game will very much be in the Japanese spirit in terms of design of characters, meaning the child will most likely be designed similar to a lot of animated Japanese characters.

The Last Guardian was originally slated for the PlayStation 3, but given the effort to re-engineer the game we might see it comes as an exclusive to the PlayStation 4. This would be a big exclusive title for Sony, who have not got that many exciting exclusives on their platform to compete with Titanfall and other Xbox One exclusives.

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