Sony’s playable teaser revealed as next Silent Hill

Sony showed off a whole lot of indie titles coming to the PlayStation 4 in the next few months, one of those came from 7780 Studio, in the form of a playable teaser (PT) that showed a new horror game.

It looks like this horror game will be the next Silent Hill. Acclaimed Japanese game director and writer Hideo Kojima will join Guillermo del Toro in the development of the new video game, two big names for the new studio.


If that is not enough to make the new Silent Hill video game appealing, Norman Reedus, known best for playing Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead, will also feature in the game, most likely as one of the primary actors.

This star cast shows the new interest from movie makers and actors, when it comes to video games. Guillermo del Toro has been involved in video games in the past and Norman Reedus starred in rather unsuccessful The Walking Dead video game.


Silent Hill has been one of Konami’s most popular gaming franchises and a very popular horror franchise, both in film and video gaming. Each video game has been made by a studio affiliated with Konami but not part of the main group, 7780 Studio looks to be this new affiliation studio.

Hideo Kojima did say he wanted to work on a Silent Hill game earlier this year, this might have been more than just talk. Silent Hill will most likely be a PlayStation exclusive, we cannot see the Japanese company working with Microsoft or Nintendo. 

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