Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us Will Hit PS4 & Xbox One

Telltale Games has two of the most hyped games in 2014, The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. The way Telltale choose to deliver content is through episodes, each comes a few months after the last and the episodes are currently available on Xbox 360, PS3, iOS, Windows PC and come late to Android.

This year, Telltale wants to add another two platforms into the fold, PS4 and Xbox One. The Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us are prime for the next-gen consoles, not because of fancy graphics or new mechanics, but because there isn’t a lot of content on the next-gen machines and Telltale dishes out one episode every month.

Telltale does have a mixed reputation when it comes to releasing content every month, as the studio grows bigger we are starting to see less delays and more pushes for faster content. The Wolf Among Us hit a huge delay spike in the second episode, when Telltale decided to scrap parts of the story that didn’t work.

The faster releases should be good news for Telltale’s next ventures, into the Game of Thrones and Borderlands universe. We are particularly interested in GoT, possibly Telltale’s biggest series yet with the backing of HBO and George R.R. Martin, who have worked on the books and TV show.

Telltale Games will be bringing retail versions of The Walking Dead – Season 2 and The Wolf Among Us once the series is finished, on their third and fourth instalment respectively. The retail versions are already available for pre-order for those waiting until the season is finished before picking the game up.

Nobody quite knows how successful the second season of The Walking Dead has been for Telltale Games, the first season won game of the year for many fans, but the second season might not have been received as highly.

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