Virtual Reality Could Expand beyond Gaming Experiences

At GDC 2014, viewers got their first look at virtual reality outside of video gaming and how the new VR headsets could be adapted to show real live events and terrains. Imagine taking off in a Space shuttle or walking through the jungle, with VR this could be in the near future.

Sony was the big pushers of this new feature in VR, debuting Project Morpheus on the stage, something that looks like it came out of Tron and wants to be a mix between a real-life simulator and video game virtual headset.

At the event, Sony said VR is about more than just video game experiences and they will be happy to reveal partnerships and new designs for virtual reality in the upcoming months. Sony will be sending out the SDK for developers to try out prior to release sometime in 2014.

Diving into virtual reality is a good way to start and we can see Project Morpheus become a big success for the company, if they play their cards right and make sure it is affordable like the PS4 and has lots of functionality for users to try out, it could win the upcoming VR battle.

However, Sony if fighting off against some fierce competition, including Oculus who have been building out their company with talent and understanding of virtual reality for the past few years. Valve and Microsoft have both expressed intent on moving into this market as well, offering their own version of the VR headset.

We place Valve as the strong favorites; simply because of the huge consumer backing the companies seem to get and the focus within the company on creative projects, leading them to success.

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