White PlayStation 4, Dualshock 4 and Destiny all for $449

Sony announced a whole ton of new video games coming to the PlayStation 4 this fall and in between the announcements Sony revealed two new pieces of hardware, the PlayStation TV and the white PlayStation 4, coming on September 9 2014 alongside Bungie’s Destiny.

The white PlayStation 4 has become a fan favorite with a new look on the console, called the “glacier white” edition. The white PS4 will ship with a 500GB internal hard drive, Dualshock 4 white controller, a copy of Destiny, the new game from developer Bungie and publisher Activision and a 30 day trial of PlayStation Plus, Sony’s live service.

Sony’s bundle will cost $449, around the same price as a normal PlayStation 4 with a copy of Bungie. The PS4 is definitely the console of choice for Destiny, with Microsoft not really showing off the game at E3 2014 and sticking more to their own console exclusives or games that have exclusive Xbox One first content.

Prices for Europeans have been revealed, the bundle will cost €439 and €399 without the bundle. The change from dollars to euros is pretty bad for Europeans, who have to pay almost the same price a console that should be cheaper. The white Dualshock 4 controller will cost $69 or €69 in Europe, another odd currency change.

Destiny will most likely be the biggest game of 2014, unless it someone fails to surprise fans. The shared world MMO shooter is definitely one of the most hyped games and with hundreds of millions of dollars in backing from Activision, Bungie can finally make the game of their dreams for the next-generation console.

The game will be locked into consoles, meaning PC will not receive Destiny. Bungie has always been against the PC and it is not surprising their new game, which could sell millions of units on console, will not be ported over to PC for those that don’t want to deal with potential frame rate issues.

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