Rio Olympics 2016 – Blowout to the Number of July Jobs

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Last Updated: Dec 18, 2017

The Olympic Games have kicked off in Rio Brazil and everyone is excited. The opening ceremony that began at 8pm was extraordinary as usual. The games have drawn competitors from all over the world and people should brace themselves for breathtaking performances. The organizers have been very strict with the doping issue and have banned around 118 Russian athletes who have been proved to have taken part in some doping program. However, 271 athletes from Russia have been cleared and will be taking part in the competitions.

In addition to the doping issue, the 2016 Rio Games have had other issues from the onset. These include the Zika outbreaks, infrastructure woes, economic challenges, and political unrests among many other issues that have managed to put the city in the entire globe’s spotlight. On his opening speech, Rodrigo stated that the city was hosting the Olympics opening ceremony at a time when it is still looking for its true identity. It is hoping to prove to the whole world that it is still united although it has come to the Olympics divided, hidden and hurt.

Apple is among the growing tech companies. Currently, it is offering some bug bounty to its users. If you on the hunt for extra money maybe you should try the bug bounty they are offering and take advantage of their products. This new program from Apple will be in a position to provide approximately $200,000 for the worst bugs. This was announced in Las Vegas during a conference known as Black Hat hacker. Previously, Apple had opted to distance itself from monetary rewards to individuals who brought forward serious bugs. Instead, they opted to put the user names on their website. This compensation pales in compared to the huge amount of dollars that are provided by Facebook, Google, and Microsoft among others.

Wall Street

The economy of the U.S has successfully added approximately 255,000 jobs the previous month. This has surpassed the 180,000 mark that was initially expected. The level of unemployment remained at 4.9 percent, which is slightly above the estimated 4.8 percent. After several months characterized by mixed economic signals, the current jobs report indicates some degree of growth rate. This could be a little more robust than expected a couple of months ago. This outlook is expected to greatly influence the Fed’s thoughts on the interest rates.

The Journal of Wall Street has been analyzing the day to day changes in the estimates of analysts for the S&P 500 companies. These estimates start early 2013 and aimed at finding out whether there was something amiss with the earnings of different companies. This estimates where later compared with the ones that had been reported by the companies. Around 2,000 times since the beginning of 2013 to the first quarter of this year, the Journal discovered that, there was a great possibility for the companies to miss the average estimates of the earnings if analysts had not altered their numbers during the 40 days of trade prior the quarter earnings reports of the companies.

Nearly a quarter estimates from companies fell terribly. This fall wall big enough to beat prior expectations. Barry Diller, the IAC and Expedia chairman acknowledged the fact that investor and analyst’s relation executives work hand in hand in order to maintain the estimates low. According to him, this is some rigged race. The recent examination by the Journal of Wall Street has revealed some of the fishy activities in companies. According to the journal, most companies missed their estimated average earnings.


Facebook is currently cracking the clickbait down. This is in an effort to adjust its news feed formula so that it can penalize publishes using some vague or misleading headlines. According to Adam Mosseri, the Facebook’s news feed PM, the company is paying more attention to two different types of headlines including those it says ‘withhold information’ and the ones that ‘mislead or exaggerate’ information. This new change only affects the links to all text articles, but the videos remain unaffected.

The American Bar Association rule amendment seeks to discourage discrimination and harassment by attorneys when practicing law. Presently, approximately 23 states as well as the District of Columbia have such type of protections already. If this is passed into law nationally, it would successfully prohibit harassment and discrimination by lawyers. In most cases, discrimination is based on sex, race, national origin, religion, age, disability, ethnicity, marital status, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status. The Association is scheduled to vote this coming Monday.

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The new amendment is aiming to protect everyone against mistreatments from lawyers. When practicing law, some lawyers have been reported to mistreat people and if the new amendment passes into law, the mistreatment problem might become a thing of the past. The fact that a number of districts already exercise these protections shows that there is still hope and other states should emulate. This protection should definitely be established on a national level and ensure that everyone is treated equally without discrimination.

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