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Rockstar making a next-gen title this year, according to Take-Two Interactive

Rockstar Studios might be one of the most famous game developers on the planet, alongside Valve, Bethesda and a few other well known studios, when they announce a game the hype behind it is huge.

In an earnings call with CEO Strauss Zelnick, the owner of Take-Two Interactive, he said Rockstar Games has been a big contribution to the revenue for the company with 33 million Grand Theft Auto V sales and is excited for their next title, next year.

Dropping the bomb on an earnings call was a clever way to keep it out of media, but a few picked up on the hint. It is exciting not only because Rockstar are incredible at new IP, but because old franchises could be reborn on the next-gen consoles.

Agent, Red Dead and Bully are all three titles that are up in the air, Rockstar did say Red Dead would be a permanent franchise and Agent’s sequel has always been talked about and could be really exciting on next generation machines, taking advantage of more features in the game at one time.

Rockstar Games could be working on something new as well, L.A Noire and The Warriors were both excellent IP, especially the former that gave real depth to a detective video game in a way no other has been able to replicate.

We would love to see a return to all of Rockstar’s games, but in our mind the big thing about next-gen is the opportunity is so much bigger. Games like Destiny, Watch_Dogs and The Division all show how much can be crammed into one gaming experience.

Even though Rockstar Games is actively working on a new game, reports say it will not be available until April 2015, unless the title is bumped up, however Rockstar is normally late to the party, not early.

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