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Smart phone users bids adieu to ‘Flashy Birds’


Smart phone users got a kind of jolt when the much played game ‘Flappy Bird’ was removed from their mobile app store.

Flappy birds was the most played game among the smart phone owners, it had become almost like an addiction. Since the removal of the game on February 9 much chaos was seen in the western world.

But there is good news for all the ‘Flappy Bird’ lovers. You cannot play ‘Flappy Bird’ again but you can definitely wear ‘Flappy Birds’! Yes you’ve got it right! There are ‘Flappy Bird’ t-shirts and sweaters available now only for you. There are also ‘Flappy Bird’ mugs, jewelry and pillows available in the market.

‘Flappy Wings’ which claims to be a copy of ‘Flappy Bird’ is played by a number of people. The survey conducted on this issue shows that ‘Flappy Wings’ tops the list of the most downloaded free app among the Apple phone users.

“Splashy Fish” which resembles the ‘Flashy Birds’ becomes the third most revered app on Apple IOS. There’s another free app which also claims to be a parody of ‘Flashy Birds’, it’s called ‘Hoppy Frog’, here frog replaces birds in the game.

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