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Sony representative hints at pre-loading feature for PS4

As we step away from owning physical copies of games and into the digital world, pre-loading has become a big part of having the “midnight launch” hype a store brings when a video game is about to launch, allowing those nocturnal folks to pick up games a few minutes after they officially are released.

Currently, the PlayStation 4 does not support pre-loading games, but a Sony representative did hint at this coming to the next update. Pre-loading a game allows the user to basically download all the contents needed to play the game and have it locked until launch, meaning they can only play it when officially released.

The PS3 and Steam both support pre-loading so it would be odd for Sony not to add the feature sometime in the near future, considering the large amount of people buying games digitally on day-one, with the new consoles offering digital titles as soon as the game is launched.


The April update will apparently bring the new pre-loading feature and this will be offered for most popular games coming this year. Destiny, Watch Dogs, The Division and Elder Scrolls Online are the big games to watch out for this year and three are open world MMOs.

Massive multiplayer online games are new for consoles, allowing hundreds of players to play on a single server together and experience different quests and actions from NPCs and other players. On PC, MMO’s have been hugely popular, with World of Warcraft drawing in over 10 million users.

We are excited to see how multiplayer content and DLC is handled on the next generation consoles and if Sony will offer any new features to accommodate for the new rise in MMOs.

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