Soon You Could Be Crushing Candies on Facebook Messenger

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Last Updated: May 19, 2015

Candy Crush seems to come with most of the popular games to the Facebook Messenger. So, beware people, if you are tired of the game invites that you get at the Facebook main page, you will more tired of them, since they will most probably be present in the Messenger app too.

Candy Crush, Facebook Games and the Messenger Application

By implementing tons of things that are found in the Facebook main client to the Messenger, the social network tries to make the phone and tablet application more popular. However, implementing games to the Messenger app is really a good idea? My personal view and opinion is that it is not. However, I really hate Facebook games, since they are pretty useless in my opinion. They are time wasters, you spend your precious time on them and you don’t even gain anything. You don’t upgrade any of your skills, maybe only your patience. They are like the flash games that you can play on the internet, however, the latter are much better. I have tried around 5-6 games from Facebook when I have joined and realized that the games on the site are dull, boring and useless.

Candy Crush

They have no creativity, the only main goal that game developers were focusing on was to get as much players as they can to their games, addict them to the games, then make them purchase premium currencies at high prices. That’s the same business plan as freemium games are doing in both PC gaming and on phones and tablets. The plan is simple, they are free. However, if you don’t spend money on them you will either find the games boring, or if it’s a multiplayer game you will be in a disadvantage compared to other players who have bought premium stuff in game. The latter games are called in the gaming community as a slang of “pay to win” games. Gaming nowadays have gone quite expensive I must say. If you buy an AAA game that has been designed by one of the most popular developer studios that is present, you either have to pay for in-game stuff or pay tons of money for the base game and the DLCs (downloadable contents). The other thing is the issue of early access games where developers are allowed to post their games on the Steam community for users to gain early access.

There’s the previous issue that I have written in the last paragraph, however, there’s another issue here with implementing games to the Facebook Messenger. It has been one of the worst experiences that I have been in while surfing Facebook that there are like a group of my friends who always send me game invites. Why are they doing this? They are doing this since if they send you invites they will get like free coins for their farm or the game will be much easier for them. However, what they really don’t think of that this activity, inviting me constantly to stupid games, is extremely annoying. Especially, when you are waiting for an important notification or message on Facebook, then you get one, you think “Oh my God, they have replied back!” or “Finally I got my notification, which I have waited a day for” and you get a Candy Crush invite. It happened to me lots of times until I banned notifications from those friends who tend to send me invites to games I don’t care for.


The Facebook Messenger app is a great application, however, what Facebook is doing desperately lately for making it more impressive and trying to attract more customers to it pretty bad.

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