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Take-Two reveals Red Dead is a permanent franchise, Bioshock stays with 2K Marin

Take-Two Interactive, the owners of 2K, Rockstar and a few other video game studios, revealed that both Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead are permanent franchises as long as they continue to deliver quality games that make a lot of profit for the company.

CEO Strauss Zelnick said this at Cowen and Company’s Technology, Media and Telecom Conference and it also on their earnings call a month ago, almost hyping up the next release of Red Dead, apparently Rockstar’s next triple-A game coming to next-gen consoles.

Rockstar has lots of IP to work with at the moment, L.A. Noire received incredible praise for its gorgeous world and smart puzzle based detective story, alongside other classic like Bully, a game Vice President Dan Houser said he would be interested in revisiting.

The misconception when it comes to Rockstar is they are one studio working on one title for a number of years, when in reality one part of the studio could be working on the base for Grand Theft Auto 6 while the other could be working on polishing their next big release.

It means we might see Red Dead Redemption’s sequel come next year and Rockstar is already working hard on the next game or new IP. We would really like to see Rockstar’s creative vision on the next generation consoles, with all these new MMO type games coming to PS4 and Xbox One in 2015.

In another announcement, Zelnick confirmed the Bioshock franchise will be shipped over to 2K Marin. This is a little questionable, considering 2K Marin was close to redundancy a few months back and their interpretation of Bioshock 2 didn’t go down well with fans.

Ken Levine recently announced Irrational Games would lose a lot of their talent, as he moved to a new company focused on replayable narrative games at a much lower budget than Bioshock Infinite, Levine’s last Bioshock game that received huge praise for the incredibly well designed world.

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