Tips for Non-Gamers: How to develop interest in gaming?

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Last Updated: Apr 8, 2016

Gaming is very interesting when you are an experienced gamer. However, if it is your first time to touch the game controller, the experience may be frustrating. Sometimes you may have lost the interest of gaming after playing for some time. You know how to control the game but the interest to do is miles away from you. In both cases, a smarter approach towards developing interest is definitely what you need. I wouldn’t be wrong if I said scientific approach is the way to go.

1. Start Easy

Start Easy

Is it possible to start education from college then high school? The same applies to gaming; there is no way you can start with the complex games expect to have a great experience with gaming. In other words, everything has a basic beginning and it’s what determines the pleasure of what comes after. For instance, little big planet is a starter game that can give an interested party a better foundation in gaming. Its appearance is appealing and very attractive with a very simple design. The targeted gamers here are majorly kids; you can imagine how simple it is to learn. It is majorly a 2D game but there is a basic introduction of 3D. The major problem here is getting someone older to play a game that is considered kids thing. However, it doesn’t change the fact that starting with basic is essential.

2. Graduate Gradually

Once you are conversant with the 2D games, consider 3D game soon after before the interest fades off. At this point you can vary the games depending on your age and interest, be it comics, Johnny Depp or films. LEGO provides games for every age ranging from kids to older people. It is a game that you can use to release any kind of frustrations. You can focus your interest on the latest and most played games. Gone Home and fire watch are also great games for the beginners who are in the process of learning controls. When you start more complex games portal is recommended to test your mastery in walking and jumping. If you can’t do it then the probability of lasting longer in other games such as battle field or far cry which are supposed to be learnt naturally after an exposure to walking and jumping games is low. Once you raise above the simple games others like sports and racing will be self-explanatory.

Graduate Gradually

3. Play Regularly

If you ever want to master the art of doing something, practice is all it takes. Once you learn a game, don’t let your mind forget by playing it more regularly. This will help you see the simplicity of a game and will automatically encourage the need to play more complex games. Play the game every free time until you master the art of moving from one stage to another. In addition always find a game that gives you more and more challenges to improve your gaming skills.

4. Consider the Advantages

Most people like doing things that give them something in return. People who introduce others on drug abuse start by telling them the best feeling derived from taking the drug. Just the same way a drug is addictive is the same way a game can be. Therefore, the best motivating factor to get a non-gamer into gaming is telling them the major benefits of gaming. Most of them will play the game to gain the benefit and with time gaming becomes part of them (addiction). Gaming is known to promote fast thinking, proper eye-hand co-ordination, and can play a role in relieving stress.

5. Justify Gaming

Justify Gaming

For you to be able to accept gaming, find a way of making it look like an awesome thing. Most people can be easily influenced by what celebrities. Therefore, finding out that number of your favorite celebrities are gaming can be a source of motivation. The celebrities who are great in gaming include: Cameron Diaz, Snoop Dogg, Liam Neeson and Christina Aguilera.


Some people especially those who are so much into books view gaming as a mere waste of time and often look at its negative side. This is the reason why gaming has not been adopted by a larger percentage of the world’s population. Gladly, most celebrities are currently venturing into gaming which can cause a great influence to the people. Consider the above tips to get into gaming.

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