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Tom Clancy’s The Division delayed until 2016

Tom Clancy’s The Division, one of the most anticipated games coming to next-generation systems and PC, has been delayed for a full year.┬áCEO of Ubisoft Yves Guillemot called this out in the earnings call for Q1 2014.

An executive at Ubisoft Massive said a 2014 release date was “laughable” and said development “has not even started” on the title, drawing concerns as to whether Ubisoft was taking the game seriously.

It looks like the unnamed executive was telling the truth, since Ubisoft has delayed it until 2016 and not even given a month or quarter when they can expect The Division to be available, pointing to a rather lengthy development.

Ubisoft has three development studios working on The Division, alongside Massive Entertainment, Red Storm and Ubisoft Reflections. From our last view and press statements, it appears The Division will be shared world MMO shooter.

The Division definitely looked like next-gen material, considering the vast amount of work already done to texture quality, weather and atmosphere, it looks like a game developed around pushing the next-gen to the limits.

In our first look at the game, Ubisoft is working on tablet integration too, something that a lot of next-gen games are working on implementing. The tablet user will apparently work as a drone or pilot, but cannot play as one of the players in-game.

This brings a new dynamic to the fighting where players on a console or PC fight against AI or other players, while the players on tablet use their drone or plane to scout the area and take picks at people on rooftops.

Ubisoft has been dropping more delays on games in the past few years and with their projects getting even bigger, we could see more games getting delayed. Watch_Dogs has already had its own delay, but will be coming on May 27.

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